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parts for model boats
electric poles, lamps...
wheels 0e, H0, H0e, TT, N
Barrels for military vehicles
Barrels for war ships
Cannons for war ships
Barrels and accessories for aircrafts

Resin upgrade set in 1:35 scale

material: Resin

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Studebaker US6
Upgrade resin set for Studebaker US6. With this set you can fill all load space. Set contains 42 resin casts, witch gives you 53 parts after assembly.

35RS0135.56 0pcs

Sd.Kfz. 11 - upgrade set
Upgrade set for German half-track Sd.Kfz. 11. Set contains 27 resin casts, 4 brass outline marker and 1 meter of bras chain

35RS0227.50 0pcs

T-62 - upgrade set
With this set your model will look like T-62 was looking during Afghanistan war, where tracks was mounted around the turret for extra protection. Package contains 12 resin casts and 1 meter of brass chains.

35RS0326.14 0pcs

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